In the South Music Department we have a system that we use for communication, data entry/collection, financial bookkeeping and much more.  This system is called CHARMS Office.  Through CHARMS, you can keep up to date with contact information, financial records, communicate with directors, and access materials posted by directors and the booster club.  This program enhances our communication and effectiveness as an entire organization.  Below you will find instructions as how to log in.  Please know that financial information is currently being uploaded into the system and may not be accurate.
Log in – 
1) Go to on your computer, mobile device, or tablet (or click the  “CHARMS” menu at
2) Click “Enter/Login” in the upper right-hand corner
3) It will prompt you for your school code.  Our school code is “southsalemmusic” and click “Enter Charms”
4) It will then ask for your “Student Area Password.”  The password was originally set as the student’s 6-digit ID code provided by the school district.  Most students/parents have changed the password
5) Your log in is complete, please update contact information.
Each student in the South Salem Music Program has been assigned a log in and password
If you have trouble logging in, please contact Mr. McLean at

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