Study Tools

Music Lessons (Click through each lesson)

Staff/Clefs   Note Duration   Rest Duration   Time Signatures  Dots & Ties   Steps/Accidentals   Major Scale   Minor Scale  KeySignatures   Generic Intervals      Advanced Intervals     Solfege Syllables     Solfege on Staff

Online Drills

Basic Solfege Identification Drills

Advanced Solfege Identification Drills

Treble Clef Note Name Identification Drill (No Key Signature)

Advanced Note Name Identification Drill

Major Key Signature Identification

Minor Key Signature Identification

Interval ID (Visual)

Interval ID (Auditory)

Extra Practice

Solfege Warmups

Solfege Patterns  

Basic C Major Sight Reading

Sight Reading Book Examples (Treble)

Sight Reading Book Examples (Bass)

8-Measure Examples

Rhythm Reading

Folk Song Sight Reading

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