The Final Concert – June 1

Our Final Concert of the school year is coming on Wednesday, June 1 at South Salem HS in the Rose Auditorium.  We couldn’t be more excited to share our year’s work, achievements, and send our seniors off with one last great concert!

Due to the nature of this concert being completely full, we have split the concert into 2 different sections.  The first beginning at 6:30PM and the second beginning at 7:45PM. Please note, one ticket will get you in to BOTH concerts. Please see details below for which choirs are on each concert and call times:

6:30 PM Concert (Call Time for students, 5:45PM): Southernaires, AcaFellas, Chanteuse, Statesmen, and Bella Voce

7:45 PM Concert (Call Time for students, 7:00PM): Chamber Women’s Choir and Symphonic Choir.

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