Reminders for Monday

Tomorrow we have two South Choir performances, the first is all of the choirs singing at the Oregon State Capitol from 12-1PM and the second is the Southernaires Jazz Solo Night at the Ike Box at 7PM. Both of these events are free and open to the public!

For the first performance, all students will be excused from their 4th period classes at 10:30AM to come to the choir room to eat and dress for the Capitol performance.  Buses will leave at 11:15AM.  Parents, families, and friends are encouraged to come to the performance tomorrow at the rotunda.  It is recommended you plan to arrive between 11:30-11:45AM to ensure good seating as we will begin singing at noon.  Please remember that students are to be in full concert attire for this performance. Below are some basic reminders of concert dress guidelines.


  • Hair is back, off the shoulders, and away from the face
  • All black, closed toe, flat shoes (no sneakers or sandals)
  • No jewelry unless it is a single stud in each ear
  • No perfume


  • All black dress shoes (no sneakers)
  • Black dress pants
  • Black Socks
  • Statesmen – Black, long-sleeved, button-down dress shirt
  • School issued black bow-tie
  • No cologne

For the second performance, Southernaires are to report to the Ike Box at 6PM for check in and sound check. Be dressed in your individual formal attire.  Singers, remember we will be meeting at 7AM for class instead of 6:30 tomorrow.  For audience members, please plan accordingly for traffic as the roads are very busy at this time of night.  We can’t wait to see you at these performances!

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