Districts Today – Come Watch!

Today Chanteuse and Symphonic Choir take the stage the District Choir Festival held at West Salem High School.  Chanteuse takes the stage around 4PM and Symphonic Choir takes the stage last, at around 8PM.  There are great choirs singing all day and night long.  This is some of the best singing in the city and state will be on display tonight at West Salem.  Please come support our students and singers!  They have worked so hard and deserve a great audience for their performances tonight!

Choir Schedules for tonight are found below:

Chanteuese – Call Time – 3:00PM, Warm Up/Performance – 4:00PM,  Clinic – 4:40, Sight-Read – 5:00

Symphonic Choir – Call Time – 7:00PM, Devotional – 7:30PM, Warm Up/Performance – 8:00, Clinic – 8:40, Sight-Read – 9:00

Let’s have a great concert!

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