Handbook Forms Due Date, Sight-Reading, and Reminders

Choir Handbook Contract, Medical Forms, and Fair Share Contribution are due by the end of school September 19th.  While the forms are due on this date, the class with them all turned in first will be rewarded with food.  So, get those forms turned in ASAP!  These forms can be located under the tab entitled, “Documents/Forms.”

You will notice that next week after school has been earmarked for “Sight-Reading Tutoring” on the Choir Calendar.  This is an opportunity for students that may need some extra sight-reading help in a one-on-one setting, some extra practice on their own, or would like to ask some questions about sight-reading or solfege strategies that they can use to improve.  Mr. McLean and volunteer students will be in the Choir Room after school all week to assist any student looking to improve their sight-reading skills.


Symphonic Choir – All Choir Voicing Sectional from 2:30PM-4:00PM

Southernaires – If you were present this morning and are not a player in the combo, we will see you at 6:30AM

Please fill out the Voice Lesson Interest Form by clicking HERE

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