OMEA Solo & Ensemble 2021

This year, instead of each district holding their own district-level high school solo & ensemble events, we will be holding one virtual event for all 15 districts simultaneously.

Contestants can choose to compete for a spot at the state contest OR submit for comments only.

The fee for participation in the event is $15 per entry (either solo or ensemble)
– $5 pays for the technology to run the event
– $10 pays for the judging

Once the registration fee has been paid, a recording link will be sent to your email.

Please fill out this Google Form if you would like to register for Solo & Ensemble 2021.

Calendar of Events:
January 18th: OMEA District Solo & Ensemble registration opens on
February 27th: OMEA District Solo & Ensemble registration closes on
March 13th: OMEA District Solo & Ensemble audition submission deadline on
April 5th: OMEA District Solo & Ensemble district level results released

– All Submissions must be videos of the contestant(s) performing.
– Submission can be recording on the Opus site using the provided web recording interface using a webcam or smartphone.
– Students can preview their recording before submitting it and can choose to try again as many times as they like before submitting.
– Submission can all be pre-recorded and then uploaded to the Opus site
– Student can record their performance using any recording device or technology available and then upload their recording.
– Uploaded recordings must be in one take – not spliced
– Uploaded recordings may not be edited or enhanced in anyway
– Recordings can be made and submitted anytime from when the registration link is sent all the way up to the submission deadline (March 13th, 2021).

– Accompaniment will be allowed but is not required
– Accompaniment may be live, prerecorded, or electronic (i.e. Smartmusic)
– Live accompaniment should follow all county and state guidelines for social distancing
– Contestants will not be rewarded, or penalized contestants based on the presence or quality of accompaniment

– Ensemble sizes and categories are unchanged from previous years
– Ensemble rehearsals and performances must follow all county and state guidelines for social distancing and cohort size restrictions
– Digitally combined ensembles are welcome at the district level events for comment only.
– Digitally combined ensembles are not allowed at the state level event.

Copyright Compliance:
– Performances are being shared in a private setting and are viewable only through Opus
– The recorded performance must use legally purchased music.
– Candidates must show the original sheet music at the beginning of the video. (Maybe? The PDF scan might be sufficient)
– Candidates will upload a PDF of their sheet music (they must scan it themselves) to Opus for the judge’s use. – — Opus only allows the adjudicator to see the files, and the scores cannot be printed.
– Citation:

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