All-City 2021

Please fill out this Google Form if you are interested in auditioning for All-City 2021!

This year’s Audition Process:
– The audition will be due by February 1st
– To submit your audition, you will learn and record a section of this year’s chosen piece into a SoundTrap Assignment that will be created by Mrs. Sazima (sheet music and more detailed info will be sent to you once the above form is submitted)
– Your audition recording will be evaluated by one of the choral faculty in the district. We will focus our evaluations on the performance of correct rhythms, accurate intonation, appropriate breathing, entrances and cutoffs, and proper application of dynamics and textural elements (accents, staccato, phrase shapes, etc.) If adjustments need to be made in these elements, you may be asked to complete a second recording of the same section.

Calendar of Events:
– February 1st: Auditions due
– February 19th: First recording due in SoundTrap
– February 26th: Second recording due in SoundTrap
– March 12th: Final recording due in SoundTrap

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