All City Audition Information

Audition times for South students:

Auditions for All-City HS Choir will be held on Tuesday, January 14th from 4:00–8:30 at North HS. Sign-up for an audition here:

Any student enrolled in a choir at South can audition for All-City.

The audition consists of two scales (low and high), a short sight-reading exercise, and a prepared excerpt of a piece that you practice and have ready in advance.

Auditions are blind (i.e. the teachers listening don’t know that it’s you). To prepare, make sure you know which of the All City Audition Scales  you are supposed to sing.

And make sure that your audition excerpt from Verbum Caro Factus Est is well-prepared.

Alto 1s and Sop 2s can choose to prepare either part for their audition (i.e. Alto 1 can prepare Sop 2). Likewise, Baritones and Tenor 2 may prepare Tenor 2.

A recording of the piece that you will be preparing for your audition is here:

Practice recordings for each part are here.

You will also be asked to sight-read a short exercise. Practice at!

We will have a short preparation session after school on Friday at 2:30 in the choir room for students who plan to audition.


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