All City Audition Results: 37 South Singers Selected!

Congratulations to all of the SKPS singers that auditioned for All-City Choir this year!  We had a record number of auditions this year and are pleased that the quality of this ensemble continues to improve.  We are proud of EVERY student that auditioned last night and can’t wait to see the growth that has come from it! Please retrieve your score sheets from the judges from Mr. McLean or Ms. Hernandez to take home with you.  Congratulations to the following singers who have been placed in the All City Choir:

First Name Last Name Voice Part
Jackson Mathews Tenor 2
Emmett Pennington-Guthrie Tenor 2
Cameron Stones Tenor 2
Isaac Taylor Tenor 2
Stephen Utter Tenor 2
Matthew Zheng Tenor 2
Briargate Curry Tenor 1
Brandon Hilsabeck Tenor 1
Noe Ramirez Perez Tenor 1
Ryley Wilson Tenor 1
Rachel Despain Soprano 2
Lucy Lashmett Soprano 2
Sydney Swiderski Soprano 2
Jaylynn Uruo Soprano 2
Anna Harlan Soprano 1
Rachel Miley Soprano 1
Maren Nichols Soprano 1
Taylor Paluska Soprano 1
Pete Amawattana Bass 2
Bruce Bailey Bass 2
Evan Hock Bass 2
Chase Jensen Bass 2
Eric Lin Bass 2
Kenneth Utter Bass 2
Sam Bertholf Bass 1
Jordan Combs Bass 1
Aharon Garcia Bass 1
Avery May Bass 1
Charlie Morter Bass 1
Evan Thomas Bass 1
Emmeline Jenkins Alto 2
Christina Nguyen Alto 2
Alley Isaac Alto 1
Ashley McKenzie Alto 1
Maya Merrill Alto 1
Kiera Richey Alto 1
Avery Sinks Alto 1
Ariel Garcia Alternate Tenor 2
Elizabeth Le Alternate Soprano 1
Joshua Morris Alternate Bass 1
Kyah Calaba Alternate Alto 2

congratulations! (1)

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