South Salem Musical: The Little Mermaid – Volunteers Needed!

This week, our 2017 Musical will be on the Rose Auditorium Stage! We have had a great time preparing it and we can’t wait to see you this weekend and the next!  Below you will find a message from one of our parent volunteers about helping out with the show!  Thank you in advance for your willingness to help.

Sign up for ticket sales on days you don’t plan to see the show as you need to stay at the ticket box until after the show begins. I have notes that I’ll share with you once you’ve signed up for a specific spot.

Along with the sign-up genius we have need of a few additional things that aren’t included there:

Shuttle/errand team:

Transport items/pickup items/ run errands/ return borrowed or rented items.

Helpful: clean vehicle (for costumes) or a van/pickup truck (for set pieces).  Be available to help students load and unload items (reasonable weight)

From Costco:

Battery packs for Body Mics

Concession items

*Ms. Gibbons will provide a list of her needs and you can be reimbursed if needed

Second or third week of JANUARY:

Return costumes to CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL in Independence

* need 1 person

Return costumes to SKIT THEATER in Salem

*need 1 person

Return costumes and many large set pieces to CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL (will need to be delivered daytime/afternoon)

*need 1 person


AA batteries

AAA batteries

spools of thread in neutral colors

safety pins

bobby pins

cans of super hold unscented aqua net hairspray

unscented baby wipes

simple black hairbands

“armpit protector pads” (available on Contact Ms. Gibbon’s for link

sharpie markers

unscented Febriz

unscented deodorant sample sizes (male/female)

gallon jugs of water or larger (for actors/crew during shows)

water cups

bottled water

plain cold cream (Ponds – for makeup removal)

unscented super hold gel

clear or flesh tone Tegaderm/first aid tape (1/2″ or 3/4″ thick) used to adhere body mic cords to face/neck of actor (Contact Ms. Gibbon’s for link)



Poster hanging – post the show posters in businesses/visible locations

*several people

Please let us know if you have any other thoughts regarding advertising the show as we’re always looking for new opportunities!

Thank you so much!  It’s going to be a great show!!

Jodi Trammell (Contact Here)

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