South All City Results

Congratulations to all of our South students that auditioned last night for the All-City Choir.  We are so proud of all of our students that represented our school so well last night.  Below you will find the results of the auditions:


Alto 1 Gertenrich Hannah
Alto 1 Crier Zunyana
Alto 1 Everson Kylee
Alto 1 Jordan Julia
Alto 1 Sidney Moses
Alto 2 Drum Bailey
Alto 2 Cerda-Lezama Sandy
Alto 2 Monroy Hannah Faye
Bass 1 Satyanarayana Aaron
Bass 1 Hughes Spencer
Bass 2 Crier Zari
Bass 2 Catton Nolan
Bass 2 Utter Kenneth
Soprano 1 Cochran Emilie
Soprano 1 Stellmach Kellie
Soprano 1 Johnson Ashton
Soprano 2 Burtis Arianna
Soprano 2 Crier Zyel
Tenor 2 Greene Brenden
Tenor 2 Morter Max
Tenor 2 Camuso Noah

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