MEN Sing! Salem: Info, Details, Music, and Practice Tracks

For Parents & Singers: On October 17th, all of our male singers in Symphonic Choir and Statesmen will be participating in a free all day workshop at McNary HS with a professional Men’s Choir, Male Ensemble Northwest.  Singers are to be at McNary HS at 8AM with music for the festival, a pencil, water bottle, a and wearing jeans, and a shirt they can go underneath the shirt that they will receive at this festival.  Lunch will be provided and there will be some snacks for breakfast, but please have eaten ahead of time. The day culminates with a 4PM concert featuring Male Ensemble Northwest and the choir of over 300 male singers. For more information, please see the poster below.

For Singers: Please click here for practice tracks and sheet music for this event.

MEN Salem

Male Ensemble Northwest (MEN) is holding a workshop and performance for all middle and high school male singers in Salem-Keizer.  Because of generous donations made by West Salem Choir Boosters, McNary Choir Boosters, South Salem Choir Boosters, Sprague Choir Boosters, Judson Choir Boosters and Whiteaker Choir Boosters, the event will be FREE for the participants.  This will be an amazing opportunity for our men.

Jim Taylor (McNary Choir Director) wrote the following about Male Ensemble Northwest:

Twenty-nine years ago I sat in a pew in a Salem church and watched the performance of a group called Male Ensemble Northwest.  I was a junior from Sprague High School.  I never forgot the experience…in fact, I still have the program from the concert.  I remember Wallace Long from Willamette University standing in the dead center of the group leading the way with his big bass voice and charismatic performance.   I remember the uproarious TV Medley by Dan Davison. I absolutely remember telling my choir director Mr. Gary Frame that I wanted to someday sing in that group.  And today I stand between Wallace and Dan and among these wonderful singers, educators and conductors. We are and aim to be “those who go before” and we want to create a life-long memory for the participants in our festivals. 

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