Music Day This Saturday

Parents and Students of Symphonic Choir and Chamber Women’s Choir,

On Saturday, September 12th from 8:30AM-2:30PM, we will have our
Music Day Fundraiser.  This fundraiser is the largest one that we have
for Choir and the Music Program all year.  Students canvas our South
neighborhoods in groups, with a parent driver for the day.  It is mandatory that members of Symphonic Choir (routes) and Chamber Women (routes/ work day) participate on this day.
Parents of any group are more than welcome to help out by signing up
below by clicking the appropriate sign up.  Once signed up, please be
sure to read the description provided on the sign up site.  We can’t
wait to make this the best Music Day yet!  Thank you to all of our
parents and Boosters who have done such a great job with this event.

Symphonic Student Sign Up

Chamber Women Student Sign Up

Parent Sign Up

Other Needs Sign Up

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