Symphonic Reminders

-Symphonic Choir sectionals this week and the week following Spring Break will be replaced with an all choir rehearsal from 2:40-3:30 in the Choir Room. Please plan accordingly.

-“Way Over in Beulah Lan'” is to be memorized by Monday in class.

-The schedule for Tuesday’s Advanced Choir Festival concert at Sprague has been altered.  Below is our schedule and a message from Dr. Brown at Sprague HS.  Tickets are $5 each or $15 for a family pass.

4:50 – Arrival

5:10 – Soundcheck on stage

5:20-5:55 – Break (bring food to eat for dinner)

6:00-6:45 – Mass Choir Rehearsal

6:45-7:00 Dress and Devotional

7:00 – Concert begins (we sing first)

From Dr. Brown – “Please send out reminders to parents and fans that the doors to the gym will not open until 6:45, after the combined rehearsal.  While Dr. Long is rehearsing the choir it would be helpful if we could man the entry doors to the gym and field questions about why we are not letting people in.  Last year the volunteers who took care of the crowd had several unpleasant interactions as visitors were asked to remain in the lobby while the rehearsal finished.  If we could be out there to head that kind of thing off it would lighten the load on our volunteers.”

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