Pie Sale Fundraiser

2020 Pie Sale-Student Sales Tracking PDF.pdf

Online Pie Order Form

The South Music Boosters have opened our annual Pie Sale with the Willamette Valley Pie Company! This is a great way for our students to raise funds into their student account for things like fair-share charges, trips, private lessons, and many other things. The sale is currently open and ends Friday, October 16th. 

Due to social distancing restrictions we had to make adjustments to the pie sale this year. Orders will need to be submitted online, and the pie pick-up has to been held off of school property. Students have two options for making pie fundraiser sales this year:

(1)  Supporters Order Online: Students may send their potential supporters a link to the online pie order form where the supporter may directly order and pay for their pies. We encourage students to take advantage of this option because it reduces the need to handle and track cash and check payments.  


(2) Students Track Orders & Submit Online: Students may also take orders and track them using the tracking sheet during the sale. Then, on or before October 16th, the last day of the sale, the Student must enter all of their pie sales into the online pie order form. The Student is responsible for collecting payments for all orders and making an online payment using the Pie Sale PayPal option (with the help of a parent or guardian) or submitting the collected payments to a Music Booster volunteer drop-off location. Please contact the Pie Sale Coordinator, Tiffany Hamilton (tiffanyhamiltonjd@gmail.com or call/text: 503-508-9150), if you need to arrange to drop-off payment. 

Only paid orders will be submitted to WVPC.

Students will need to pick up and deliver pies to all your supporters, whether the supporter orders online directly or the student places the order for them.

Note: All items are frozen and unbaked and will need to be kept frozen.

Pie pick-up day is November 14th at the Willamette Valley Pie Company production facility: 1651 Eskay Way, Silverton OR 97381.

Music Boosters will send out a sign-up genius in early November to coordinate student pick-up times.  Please note, we understand that some students might not be able make arrangements to pick up pies in Silverton, and we will work with students on this as-needed. Watch for the sign-up genius for more information. 

Pie Sale Coordinator: Tiffany Hamilton – tiffanyhamiltonjd@gmail.com or call/text: 503-508-9150

Happy selling!

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