Collegium Auditions 2018-2019

Collegium Audition Information 2018-2019

When: Auditions will be scheduled on an individual basis.  The last day to audition is Friday, September 14th. Please schedule your audition via email with Ms. Hernandez (


  1. Vocalization: Upper and lower extremes of the range.
  2. Rhythm Reading:  Any meter can be used.  There will be two examples.
  3. Sight Reading:  Any key can be used.  There will be one major and one minor example.
  4. Aural Skills:  A melody will be played and then you will sing it back on La.
  5. Prepared Piece: Please prepare the first verse of Amazing Grace.  Be resourceful! If you are in need of sheet music utilize google. 🙂


  • Please come to your audition with an idea of what your weekly after school schedule looks like.  We will set a weekly rehearsal time based on what works best for all group members.



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