Symphonic Choir Concert Info

Here is the details available at the moment for Symphonic Choir’s concert this Saturday, January 10, at Williamette University’s Hudson Hall.  The concert begins at 7:00PM and is free to the public!  So, get there early to ensure you get a great seat as the North Nordic Choir, Williamette Singers, and Williamette Chamber Choir will all be singing on the program.  Detailed information for singers and families can be found below.

-Call time is 6:15PM and students are to meet in the Old Band Hall, FAW Room 133 (Click here for campus map, #21 is our meeting area).

-Students are to come dressed in concert attire, please leave everything (cell phones, purses, wallets, phones, etc.) at home or in your car as the holding rooms may not be locked.

-Please take robes home on Friday and hang them up so they are presentable for Saturday’s concert

-Symphonic Choir will perform Grace Before Sleep, Lux Aurumque, Hymn to the Eternal Flame, and Dwijavanthi in their solo set and will sing the Lord Bless You and Keep You at the end of the concert.

See you there!

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