Private Voice Lessons at South – Starting next week!

After an overwhelmingly positive response to our interest form, we are proud to say that we will be starting our Private Voice Lesson program at South next week!  During class, students have been informed about what voice lessons are, what they consist of, they have met some of our private instructors, and talked about what a great opportunity this is for our program.  This is an optional program that is encouraged for all choir students, regardless of prior experience.  Lessons cost $20 per lesson and will be taught one time a week by their private instructor either during class time, lunch, or after school.  Payment for lessons will happen in 4 installments of $140 over the course of the year.  To enroll, parents and students must fill out the Voice Lesson Registration Packet and turn it into Mr. McLean ASAP.  The Voice Lesson Packet can be found under the tab “Documents/Forms” and is listed as “Private Voice Lesson Packet”  Please email Mr. McLean at for more information and questions!

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