Choir Calendar Information

This year’s Choir Calendar has gone digital!  We will be using a Google Calendar this year. It can be accessed a number of different ways:

Google Users and Students (All students email addresses are Google Accounts)

  • Click HERE to access the calendar through your own Google account (you may need to log in)

***You may also click the “+Google Calendar” Button located on the bottom of “Upcoming In Choir’ just to the right***

  • iPhone, iPad and iOS device users click HERE to subscribe on your device once you have opened the calendar in a web browser.
  • Android Phone and Tablet users click HERE to subscribe on your device

Non-Google Users and/or Only Viewing/Printing

Using the calendar this way will allow us to access it more readily, update it as necessary, and make sure that parents, students, and director are all on the same page.  The calendar will update automatically as changes are made, so no need to request an updated one from the Choir Office!  If you have questions about the calendar, please send them to

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