Twitter and Choir Office Email Information

All students, parents, community members, and alumni are encouraged to follow the South Salem Choir on Twitter!  On the left (if you are using a computer and not a tablet or phone) you can simply click “Follow” if you already have a Twitter account.  If you are on a tablet or phone, please follow us through the use of your web browser or App.  If you do not have a Twitter account and would like to receive the Twitter announcements in the form of a text message sent directly to you, please CLICK HERE

If you have questions about Choir Program Information (i.e. What time does the concert start? What class period does Advanced Women’s Choir meet? What is “Concert Dress” for my son in Men’s Choir?) please email the South Salem Choir Office email at Please know that this email will be monitored and run by Mr. McLean and you may receive responses from Mr. McLean, volunteer parents, or student leaders throughout the year to various questions.  If there are individual concerns, please send those to Mr. McLean’s email which can be found on the SSHS webpage.

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