Thanksgiving Basket

Choir has been asked to make a Thanksgiving Basket that will be collected Friday the 21st.  These baskets go to families in need in our South area.  Please see the attached photo for a list of things to bring.  Anything helps and we would love to provide for some of our families.  Thank you for your willingness to lend a helping hand!

Thanksgiving Basket

All-City Results

Congratulations to everyone that auditioned this year!  We had a HUGE turnout of auditioners for this year’s choir.  We are proud of everyone that auditioned and will see much growth because of your efforts.  Below you will find the list of students that have been selected for the All-City Choir!

Soprano – Arianna Burtis, Emilie Cochran, Chloe George, Cylee Him, Eva Hixson

Alto – Ualah  Braff, Sandy Cerda-Lezama, Zunyana Crier, Bailey Drum, Holly Duvall, Mia Lopez, Faye Monroy, Michaela VanCorbach

Tenor – Javes Gengler, Kevin Gonzalez, Max Morter

Bass – Zari Crier, Brenden Greene, Spencer Hughes, Aaron Satyanarayana, Nathan Schwab, Simon Staples

Please be sure your schedules allow for you to be at each rehearsal and that you are able to pay the $20 participation fee.  If this will be a problem, please email Mr. McLean ASAP at

All-City Audition Time Assignments

Students auditioning for All-City have been assigned to an audition block.  You are to show up before your assigned block to secure your time.  If you show up late, you will be added to the end of the day rehearsals.  Students that are not currently signed up may still show up to audition!  It’s likely you will be granted a spot, but without preregistering, you will not be guaranteed an audition.  Below you will find block assignments: IF YOUR NAME IS MISSING PLEASE EMAIL MR. MCLEAN ASAP.

3:45PM – 4:45PM Time Block

Soprano – Jasmine Buntjer, Cochran, Hannah Anderson, Chloe George

Alto – Bailey Drum, Kylee Everson, Zunyana Crier, Holly Duvall, Sidney Moses, McKenzie Stones

Tenor – Max Morter, Noah Camuso, Kevin Gonzalez, Jonas Person, James Strubel

Bass – Brenden Greene, Travis Clark

4:45PM – 5:45PM Time Block

Soprano – Emma Wiseman, Becca Bailey, Arianna Burtis

Alto – Kimberly Jennings, Britteny Jennings, Kennedy Larson, Michaela VanCorbach

Tenor – Javes Gengler, Dante Modesti

Bass – Aaron Satyanarayana

6:00 – 7:00PM Time Block

Soprano – Eva Hixson

Alto – Julia Miller, Faye Monroy, Samantha Muellhaupt, Taylor Null

Bass – Zari Crier, Spencer Hughes,

7:00 – Final Audition Time Block

Soprano – Nadia Isom

Alto – Katy Broadwater, Mia Lopez, Sandy Lezama

Bass – Brandon Miller, Nathan Schwab, Simon Staples

We still could use some more helpers and there will be pizza for you!  If you have any questions, please email

All-City Volunteers

We are hosting the Salem-Keizer All-City Auditions at South HS on Tuesday, Novemeber 18th from 4:30-7:30PM.  With an incredibly high number of auditioning singers, we are in need of 3-4 more parent helpers (mostly with registration/check in and tabulations of scores) and 4-6 singers that are not auditioning to be volunteers.  Please email ASAP if you are able to help out.

All-City Choir Audition

The last day to sign up for All-City Honor Choir Auditions is Wednesday, November 12th.  Please fill out the electronic form below and return the completed contract to Mr. McLean by Wednesday.  Copies of the contract can be found in the Choir Room. If you do not complete these by this dates we cannot guarantee that you will be able to audition.  If you have further questions, please email

All-City Audition Form

All-City Choir Contract

(Must be returned to Mr. McLean on Wednesday, 11/12)

Wreath/Poinsettia Sale

We have opened our annual Wreath and Poinsettia!  After a record setting pie sale, we expect this to be hugely successful!  This is a great way to get your decorations for the holiday season taken care of early and/or is a great way to support our students. Below you will find sale instructions and additional order forms that can be printed.

The sale runs until November 20th.   Wreaths and poinsettias will be delivered on Thursday,December 6th.   If you have further questions send an email to Michael Morter, or Mr. McLean at 

Wreath Sale Order Forms

Wreath Sale Instructions